Maitlan Brown.

Industrial Designer. 

I'm Maitlan Brown, an Industrial Designer and founder of Six Stitch Design.


As a young designer, I am deeply passionate about creating aesthetically pleasing solutions to the wants and needs of many different people. Finding solutions to problems facing society and making something that will positively impact its users is what drives me as a designer.

Exploring really interesting, organic and almost sculptural-like forms has been a passion area for me and I seem to employ this in most of my designs. 

I want my past and future projects and designs to be interesting and unique and, because of this, I look to other designers such as Zaha Hadid and Ross Lovegrove for inspiration because of their employment of these aesthetics.

As a designer I feel passionately about sustainability and environmental responsibilities as these issues continuously arise within industrial design. Aspects of the design such as the purpose, material choice, manufacturing process and benefit to humanity are at the forefront of my design process when developing and creating products. I think it's increasingly important to continue to investigate and try to develop different ways in which we can solve these issues to uphold and align with ethical and sustainable design processes and procedures.


Personal Skills

In addition to my industrial design aspirations, I am currently a professional cricketer in the Australian Women's Cricket team. Balancing the life of a professional athlete and an industrial designer has provided me with so many different experiences and a wide range of personal skills that I can apply to my design process to help solve solutions.

Constantly being in a professional sporting team environment has allowed me to develop the very important team working skills that are required to identify and effectively communicate with others. I believe this is extremely important in the industrial design space, considerably more so when working in a collaborative design environment . Knowing how other people work and communicate is really crucial in having a productive and efficient workspace.

Skills and software experience

  • Adobe Creative Suite - Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop and Indesign

  • Skilled in producing concept level 3D CAD models using Creo 

  • Rendering skills in Keyshot and VRED

  • Ability to communicate ideas with free-hand sketches

  • Product photography


University of Canberra - Studying a Bachelor's degree in industrial / product design