A quick trip to the shops!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I recently took a trip to my local shops to get a tangible understanding of packing design.

Here are three products in the same market category that appeal to me.

I'm a sucker for cereal to snack on at any time of the day! The 3 products I've chosen to discuss are Special K Forrest Berries, Milo Cereal and Nutrigrain.

- Nutrigrain appeals to me because of the sports related advertisements. It comes across as more of fuel for athletes as opposed to a sugary snack. Its also something I had growing up before sport of a weekend so for me it appeals nostalgically.

- Special K has more of a feminine appeal and portrayed as a light healthy snack which is something I crave every now and then.

- Milo Cereal for feels like more of a treat than a nutritious snack however the addition of healthy language on the front, masks the thought of it being a guilty snack. Similar to the Nutrigrain, purchasing this product is a nostalgic urge with the classic milo branding and taste.

Lets take a closer look at Special K Forest berries and identify who the product is trying to appeal to and how.

Special K – Forest Berries

- Targeting a new customer. The placement on the shelf was chest to eye height capturing the attention of the customers it was also the first cereal in the isle. The original special k sat below on the shelf. By placing this product at a more appealing level shows that they are enticing and favouring the sale of the forest berry over original.

- In regards to the messages portrayed in the packing design the branding is light and quite stripped back. The design is trying to replicate and highlight the low fat and healthy contents of the cereal. In addition the highlighted yellow graphic providing information to lure the customer in adding to the healthy picture the branding is trying to painting.

- Targeting towards more of a female audience. With the use of the colour palette being of the light pink tones.

In relation to the tangible aspects of the packaging several factors stand out.

The box design is more slim in comparison other cereal boxes, once again adding to the idea that the contents of the cereal makes consumer think it’s a ‘slimming’ product therefore more healthy. A slim design would also align with the products target market, being females, being influenced by this slim visual as they’re seeing it as a their desired self.

I know that when I go to the shops I tend to show brand loyalty to those brands I was familiar with growing up, with slight chopping and changing here and there, depending on what tastes good or what’s on sale! When I was growing up my mum would always buy wonder white bread for sandwiches at school so when I moved out of home I purchased wonder white too. Having now been living out of home for a few years I have now branched out and have found myself a brand loyal to bakers delight for bread. I remain brand loyal to them because of their customer service, and extra benefits such as the loyalty card program, the main reason however being the fresh taste.

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