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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

T2 as a company, has invested in a significant amount into their brand identity and customer experience. Throughout all aspects of the company's packaging, branding and display through the use of a standout colour palette , as well as the addition of interesting patterns and gold embellishments give a sense of the quality of the product being high end, unique and special. In addition there is consistency throughout T2 stores having the same brand identity throughout, aligning to the curated experience that the company wishes to portray.

The brand appeals to a range of customers who are willing to pay more for a product that is perceived to be a premium brand. These customers are willing to pay more for a premium brand as the product is displayed and presented to the customer as a high end luxurious, bohemian product that is superior to all other tea brands as it is seen as more of a speciality as opposed to a generic or traditional everyday tea brand.

An in store experience that T2 attempts to curate seeks to immersed customers into an experience that is unique. The interior of all T2 stores is generally quite dark and contains tones of black. This palette is used to heighten the contrast of the product so that it stands out so much that you are entirely focused on the product itself. The use of the trademark bright orange box in addition to unique colours and patterning is at the forefront of the customers focus. Another look and feel of the interior that T2 attempts to portray is the feel of speciality, uniqueness and a premium high quality product.

As a company T2 are striving for sustainability. During 2018 the company began to set some goals as to where they wanted the company to move towards in regards to sustainability. Taking a look at their own carbon footprint to consciously remove, reduce, recycle, or replace packaging in the supply chain. Based on the UN sustainable development goals T2 have identified a number of goals to focus on relating to sustainability - Addressing poverty, gender equality responsible consumption and production climate action and life on land.

It's clear that after researching T2 they have shifted to more of a sustainable brand through a number of new implementations. The company is now a certified B Corporation meaning that it meets the higher standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. The B corp community works towards reducing inequality lower levels of poverty which was a few of the previous goals that they strived towards back in 2018. In regards to product and packaging the company has make changes throughout, implementing plant based solutions within their packaging, in addition to a recyclable box. In regards to gender equality, the company has implemented blind recruiting, which means be hiring manager isn't informed of the applicants personal details including their name, age, gender, appearance or educational status. It is clear that T2 are beginning to strive towards a more sustainable company as there is evidence of them putting in effort towards making changes within the company. (T2, n.d.)

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