Mock ups are made to give an understanding of the scale, design, evaluation or demonstration of a product. A mock up is generally a prototype to provide an understanding of what the final product might look like. Mock ups are made using a variety of different ways, depending on what the designer is wanting to present and evaluate to the client. Some may be physical and some are digital.

Digital mock ups generally use stock images to apply and customise them with own images and designs. Online content presented on laptops, tablets, or phones to showcase platforms such as websites, logos, programming, apps, etc Digital mock-ups are low cost and time effective to present to the client final check before creating the physical thing such as images or logos on mugs, clothing, home wares, magazines, products, packaging etc.

There are several options with regards to how to create digital mock ups. Some designers use Photoshop or other editing software to apply their custom images to the stock image. However there is an abundance of readily available mock up websites that will correctly apply your design to the image.

Click on to check out readily available some great mock ups

Physical mock ups might include hand making the product to gain more on an understanding of the more tangible aspects of the design including the scale, function o texture of the presented product. Designs that may be physically created include packaging or products. For instance in the image below someone has created a toaster mock up made from cardboard. This may have been made to gain an insight into how big the design might be or if the placement of the functional buttons might need to be adjusted.

Week 4 Packaging Design blog



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