My most recent presentation looked a bit different to what it usually would. A typical pin up studio presentation would consist of coming in with a few A3 boards to pin up around the room for both my peers and tutor to look at an critique. We would then go around the room standing up beside the boards and present out work. However this presentation looked very different given the current situation with COVID. This one was conducted via zoom and the presentation was able to become digital.

It’s hard to decide which option I liked better as both had pros and cons. I like the fact that my digital presentation was presented in orderly slides and I wasn’t looking ahead or thinking of features that were on other boards. I guess that might be something I need to work on for future in person presentations, to be focused on the hierarchy of presented information.

I was really passionate and proud about my work so I felt as though I was reasonably organised and knew my designs inside out. This can be hard to transfer into other presentations. In regards to feedback it was hard to tell what everyone was thinking as you gain more of an understanding and engagement in person. I was open to feedback and afterwards I felt as though I had more direction and was inspired to place new aspects of creativity within the design.


------ Headphone concepts from my recent presentation

Week 4 Packaging Design blog


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