Print Production

Embossing, Foil Stamping, Die Cutting

Embossing is the processes of creating a raised design onto paper or other materials. Using a metal die to press the desired shape into the paper creating a 3D design. Embossing is used to visually portray the high quality textual contrast of the paper and the stand out important of what is highlighted. Embossing occurs on a lot of stamps to as the information depicted is needed to stand out to the user.

Foil stamping is the process of transferring pre dried inks or foils onto a surface to create a visually appealing reflective design. The use of foil stamping is used in settings to showcase the luxury or speciality of the event through the decorative text. In addition fonts used in association with foil stamping are generally cursive and reflect sophistication tradition.

Die-cutting is the process of creating a custom cut out design by using a blade or die to punch out from a piece of paper or material. Die cutting is usually used to add decorative elements or ad depth to the surface of a design.

To consider… Can your design be produced?

As I begin to learn more about packing design there are several things that arise that I haven’t really considered about the alignment with the design itself and real world production. It can be so easy as a new packaging designer to get caught up in the looks of a design and not actually consider how the creation will actually be produced. Several challenges arise when these factors are not considered. Aspects such as the relationship with inks and materials. These two aspects need to alight otherwise the design that is being sketched and created wont be able to become a reality simply because the two aren’t compatible. It is important to synergise these thoughts when designing to know what is and isn’t possible when creating packaging for a company.

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