Re Branding

When it comes to re branding it doesn't just refer to the upgrading or tweaking the visuals associated with products, re branding is much deeper than that as it stems from the companies goals, message, identity, and culture. A company may choose to re brand due to several factors surrounding growth, management, reputation and an outdated image. Despite this deeper understanding of the company visual elements are still associated with a re branding elements that may be revisited due to the company wanting to re-establish their visual identity to align with their new determined values in addition to maintaining relevance to reflect the market.

What about a Brand Refresh?

In regards to brands refreshing products, this refers to revising the visual elements associated with the product. Refreshing may refer to updating slogans colours materials fonts or tweaking or changing the design of the brands logo. Brand refreshing simply means updating or tweaking the visual elements of the product whereas rebranding is almost like starting from scratch and is far a deeper exploration as opposed to a brand refresh (Peate, 2017)

As markets grow and change this affects designs and their relevance. Brands go in and out of style much like fashion does. Something that was considered trendy five years ago may not be considered trendy now therefore it's really important that companies and brands evaluate this style to ensure that they are remaining competitive and relevant within the market. The reason so many designs go in an out of style is due to demand in market as well as wants and needs of consumers.

It's hard as a designer to create pieces that are considered to be timeless. The future is so unpredictable and it is hard to always know what consumers are going to want. Assumptions and markets trends guide the way for designers to determine the design direction for a product.

I guess something that is considered to be a good or bad design can sometimes be subjective however in relation to products an objective measurement maybe the demand in the product. For me I would say that if a product is currently successful on the market an it is considered to be well designed or a good design there's no need for an update in the products look. If the demand is strong enough for the product. A good design can potentially be updated but why would you? As they say “if it ain't broke don't fix it”. Branding is the foundation of the product so if it aligns with all other elements there isn’t a need for further redesign.


Thoughts on Young Guns Season 2 Packaging redesign challenge

Young guns season 2 by the future is a YouTube series where young designers are challenged by the host of the show to design challenges. This series challenges the young guns to redesign packaging in stores from the ethnic section.

I found it really interesting to see how different designers though about their creative process. Whist watching this show a lot of the questions that were constantly brought up by the host when critiquing the young guns designs made me reflect back to when I design things and to wonder if these are some of the things I need to think about. What do you want to communicate? What do you want the consumer to know about the product? I know this seems pretty straight forward but you can get really wrapped up and consumed by your own designs these simple questions are forgotten about.

As a designer I could relate to most of the reflections of the designers after feedback a lot of them spoke about if they had their time again they would manage the time better. I really enjoyed watching the mini series because it's really interesting and gives you a perspective on things to consider when designing as well as inspiration to go out there and try to redesign other packaging to improve and explore your my skills.

Check it out here ---

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Peate, S. (2017, May 12). Rebranding Vs brand refresh: What’s the difference and what’s right for you? Retrieved from Fabrik:

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