Taking a look at a brand that invests in creative and sustainable packaging

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The brand in focus is the Australian company ‘Who Gives a Crap’.

Who gives a crap produces 100% recycled toilet paper. Unlike many other brands ‘who gives a crap’ started as a company with sustainability in mind from the beginning.

Majority of the packaging is paper however

What makes this product so sustainable?

- Product itself is 100% post-consumer content

  • Newspaper

  • Text books

  • Bamboo

- Paper wrapping is compost friendly

- Majority of the packaging is paper however the 6 pack has plastic. The company conducted in house research tot justify that using plastic to wrap the 6 pack was more sustainable than paper.

- Transport emissions

  • In house research showed that there was less emissions by shipping directly to Australia as opposed to manufacturing in Australia and road freighting over Australia.

- No Scents or inks on the sheets. Eliminating water way pollution

- Certified B company

  • This company meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact

  • Genuine care and investment in the company’s sustainability

With regards to the aesthetic of the product it is quite clear that there is consistency throughout all aspects of their branding, from online websites and content to the product packaging

  • Fun and cheerful

  • Toilet humour

  • Silly

  • Stand out from other products on the shelf

  • Relying on fun aesthetic to make up for the stigma of recycled product being “rough” or gross

One of the interesting things about who gives a crap is its name! It can be interpreted as nearly an open question to the consumer. As if to ask them, “Hey! Do you give a crap about the environment?”

Another point towards sustainability that the company promotes is the post-consumer use of the packaging. With the packaging aesthetic being fun and colourful it gives users the opportunity to create new things with it. One thing that who gives a crap does well sharing creations on social media adding to the encouragement of users because of the audience exposure.

Product manufacturing is based in china. To mitigate adverse effect on forestry and wildlife local farmers plant the bamboo majority of production is based in local farms in remote areas of china to support the village. Most of the companies decisions surrounding overseas production have been justified and though about with sustainability in mind. With recycled material from china there is less transitioning from where the materials come from and is transported to.

It is clear that the company has though in depth about all aspects of the company and its relationship with sustainability. As a result paving the way for many other company to follow towards more sustainable business practices.

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