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Packaging Design Recap

This semester participating in packaging design I feel has really furthered aspects of my design process and creativity. as an industrial design student designing and creating products, packaging is something I have never really thought deeply about until participating in this unit and I learning about it I believe has been very valuable to my future career.

I've come to realise how important packaging design is and how much it influences consumers. Learning about the relationship between packaging and sustainability was my favourite part of the unit. It is something I have been a bit oblivious to in the past, however how I really take note and notice that some of my favourite brands have actually been incorporating sustainable packaging into their products; I probably would have brushed past it not knowing the background behind it.

I found the unit challenging at times, especially when it came to graphic design elements as it is something I've never put a lot of time into before. I felt as though at times, I was a out of place because I didn't know certain graphic design aspects or techniques. Despite the challenge I believe it made me recognise that I need to put more time into developing these skills as I think it will in some way link into to my future career as an industrial designer.

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