Week 7 Studio Session

This week’s studio session surrounded the idea of mock up creation.

Mock ups are used to explore design, appropriateness and logo application. It can be really important to create high quality mock ups of your designs to correctly present to your clients the proposed work. I found it interesting learning about different tools to assist in scoring and folding techniques, in addition to paper thickness and rigidity to manipulate and create the ideal mock ups. Usually I wouldn’t think about using different tools however there was a noticeable difference that would improve my model making skills significantly.

Egg drop challenge

The studio activity involved a fun and practical challenge to gain knowledge surrounding structural packaging. The egg challenge involved creating packaging for a single egg using 3 pieces of paper, 6 match sticks and a length of tape.


- Shoulder high egg drop > ladder drop > balcony drop

- Materials - 3 sheets of paper, 6 matchsticks, Tape

- Need to be able to open the packaging to access egg

- In addition, judged based upon experience and quality of package

Initially I found this challenge quite hard. Being away from the studio I was limited with my resources. I also found it difficult working solo as I didn’t have other students to work with and bounce back ideas.

Eventually I came to the solution that was ‘The checklist egg’.

Name/Brand identity – ‘The checklist egg’ simplifies shopping for customers. The brand name/packaging labelling acts as a reminder for shoppers to remember and check their shopping list


- A folded box that tapers towards the top with the addition of the match stick to secure the lid. Allowing access to the egg

- Internal structural reinforcing with the addition of match sticks securing egg in the box.

- Wider base at the bottom to allow for more surface area on the drop to distribute force from impact.


- As the egg fell from the drop it landed on the side of the box which didn’t have as such protection as it needed causing the egg to break. The lid of the design was also weak and caused the egg to ooze out the top.

- For a new design moving on a neater prototype is needed to ensure that the fall remains relatively flat and as intended. As well as more internal padding to protect from side impact in case it doesn’t fall flat.


Week 7 (Did not attend studio session)

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