Young Guns S1 packaging challenge

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It was interesting to see each designer take a different approach to their concept generation, this had me thinking about my own design process. When I am starting off a new design I generally start with research to find some sort of link I can tie the product to to create a really strong why. I then identify with what’s on the existing market, where the gaps may be and what are some strengths and weaknesses that can be explored.

From there I like to sketch out some ideas and then further explore with possible form studies until I find the desired design. It is important for me that each step and decision I make continuously linked back to the initial idea of why to give the design purpose.

The biggest take away after watching this episode were the key judging criterial points. The judging criterial really sets out points to follow when redesigning packaging. They really stood out for me, to make me think more deeply about decisions that I will make when designing future projects.

Brand integrity and product positioning.

- Staying true to the brand and ensuring that the redesign still stays relevant and connected to the integrity of the brand.

- Showcasing the unique features of the product as this is what makes it stand out form other products on the market.

Shelf presence

- This is really important as it is crucial that customers are able to distinguish and recognise the product

- The consumer will be looking for distinguishing marks that allows the product to stand out on the shelf


- Looking to actually improve upon the design rather overcomplicate and over do it

Clarity and communication

- Maintaining the crucial information that consumers need to distinguish key features of the product.

- Clear ways of communicating the unique selling points of the design

- Thinking about the practicality of the product to communicate how it may be used

Another really interesting point that was raised in regards to visual elements of the design was as a designer to not restrict yourself to an editorial design, rather think about the packaging as a 3 dimensional sculpture to create something visually unique. In addition, imagining how the user may interact with the product.

Week 8

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