Cutlery Set


V LUXE is designed with the intention to be used for the next 100 years within the high end restaurant, Eatery 2119 .

Concept development

The initial stages of the concept development explored the future of eating to give an understanding of what tools may be used to compliment future eating.

Research conclusions pointed to the future of food moving toward a more plant based diet. This is a result of the environmental impact associated with meat consumption and production.

V LUXE surrounds the idea of creating smaller utensils to slow the eating rate of users, allowing them to reach timely satiation. Reducing food wastage with appropriate serving sizes eliminates the issue of over-expenditure that occurs in restaurants. I found manipulating the size of the cutlery an interesting concept to explore the way in which slowing down eating effects their potentially thoughtless over-consumption with large, modern tools.


Regarding shape, the organic design enhances the worth of the presented food, re-centering awareness to the plant-based foods on the table.


In the creation of the High Fidelity Prototype, I was challenged with the rewarding task of learning new materials and processes. After establishing the correct form, which included hours of sculpting blue foam into the desired shape. Using CAD I was able to replicate the form to create a 3D model on the computer. This was then transferred into Rhino to be adjusted and linked up to the router machine.


The use of a CNC router aided in milling the basic form out of a scrap block of aluminium. Creating the forms required a jig set up for double sided milling. After this process I was able to finish off the product by hand, carving and sculpting the desired shapes.

Finished Prototype