leather craft

Handmade Leather Wallets 


Hand stitched high quality kangaroo leather wallets. Laser cut and hand stitched finished off with leather conditioner to maintain quality and longevity of the design. 

The creation of handmade leather wallets stemmed from my passion and interest in leather craft. This project was external to University and allowed me to explore, develop and learn a new skill that I was unfamiliar with. I found it really interesting and useful to create the wallets using a laser cutter as it produced clean and sharp line work, as well as the ability to precisely etch designs or text onto the surface of the leather. The products created are made from high quality Australian kangaroo leather that has been hand stitched locally by six stitch design. 

I failed many times and learnt many lessons during the process of developing and creating these products. Prototyping allowed me to ensure that the final product was of high quality and high craftsmanship. Initial stages of product development revealed mistakes made with sizing and adhesives however, through further experience and exploration, the skills and knowledge required to make excellent products has developed into the results you see below.